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With a deeply rooted passion for brand development and marketing communications, and a wealth of experience from director positions in both the agency and corporate side of the marketing world, we decided to pool our talents with a select group of leading industry experts and open a small consultancy.


Our boutique consultancy helps businesses, from early-phase start-ups to well-established companies, by combining the power of brand strategy,  positioning and creative communications processes to effectively grow their business.

We work with our clients to create agile brands that keep up with the ever-changing world. These brands' continued success rests in shifting public perceptions when faced with seismic market shifts caused by topical issues such as for instance sustainability or the Corona pandemic. In order to create an agile and human brand, we try to instil great qualities, similar to those of great products/services: relevance, emotion, and clarity; but most importantly, we give them life.

By working with a network of bright and unconventional minds, we can leverage the newest and creative approaches to help connect brands to people and people to brands.


We are based in Beilstein, Germany, with clients across the globe.

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Marc Cousins

Founder / Principal Consultant

Hi! I am Marc, an experienced brand marketeer passionate about sport, automotive and sustainability.

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